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Large selection of Goldwing Goodies - Chrome Accessories, Floorboards, Backrests and much more.
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Rest assured that we WILL NOT sell, give, or trade any of your personal information with any other party. We get far too much junk mail to ever do that to anyone else.

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  • The parts and accessories on this web site are intended for aftermarket use only! We have no connection with the Honda Motor Company and all words, terms and letters are used for reference only.
  • The parts and accessories on this web site must be installed by a qualified mechanic in accordance with the original equipment manufacturer's service manual.
  • All parts should be inspected by a qualified mechanic before installation.
  • It is important that the proper part be selected for a specific purpose. All parts must be maintained in accordance with the O.E.M. service manual. Goldwing Chrome, Inc. can not be held responsible for any damage or injury of any kind because of misuse or the improper installation of any parts by any person in any way.

Should you have any further questions about our policies feel free to Contact Us

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