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Large selection of Goldwing Goodies - Chrome Accessories, Floorboards, Backrests and much more.
Competitive prices. Fast Air Shipping. Secure 24-hr internet shopping.


  • Examine the product carefully for defects and damage on receipt.
  • Please do not open any clear packages, or apply any items using double sided tape, if you are not sure it is what you want. Hold such items up to the bike and make sure it is what you want, or call Goldwing Chrome for assistance.
  • Remember, opened items are not eligible for a return.

  • All items that are offered on this site are aftermarket parts and should be treated as such.
  • If you do not know how to install parts or have any doubts as to your ability, please see a qualified motorcycle mechanic. Our warranty does not cover products that are damaged due to improper installation or operation.
  • All items that are offered on this site are not stock Honda parts and should be carefully inspected and compared to a stock item before installing.
  • We assume NO responsibility for the damage that misfit item might have caused because we are not manufacturers of these parts and accessories.
  • If your item is defective, we would gladly exchange it for you. If you have a damage caused by aftermarket part, you should contact the manufacturer. (Manufacturer's info is provided upon request)
  • If your Goldwing is not made based on U.S. specs, some of the accessories and/or electric (mechanical) items might not fit your particular model. Please, do your research before ordering or send us an email. If ordered items would not work as advertized on our web site on any Goldwing not made up to U.S. standards, Goldwing Chrome, Inc shall NOT be held responsible

  • All Return Requests must be made within 15 (USA) or 45 (International) days of invoice date. All return inquiries made after the deadline (no matter the reason) are subject to re-stocking fees of 15%
  • Contact GoldWing Chrome Inc by email. Send your return request to customerservice@goldwingchrome.com
    We will send you your return authorization and return instructions by email.
  • Inspect merchandise prior to installation. You assume all responsibility once it's installed. NO merchandise that has been installed can be returned.
  • When shipping returned merchandise back to us, please use shipping methods with tracking mechanism (UPS or USPS Priority Mail). GoldWing Chrome Inc will not be responsible for returns that were lost by shipping carrier !
  • Returned merchandise must be in original packaging and in original factory condition, resalable as new. Returned merchandise will be inspected upon receipt. If any mounting hardware missing or item found scratched or dented, will contact you to make arrangements to return the item to you.
    We maintain a high level of quality with our products, If you think you may return an item, Do Not tear open the skin pack, if we cannot sell it again as new in it's original un-opened skin pack, we cannot take it back.
  • If the item received in return is not in in it's original, un-opened factory package and if we are unable to contact you or unable to charge you return shipping, we will keep the items as "Used" and 35% depreciation fee would be deducted from your refund.
  • In the event of any item that is shown on the invoice but not in the shipping box, that shortage must be reported to us within 24 hours of receiving that shipment to qualify for investigation.
  • No returns accepted without authorization.
    Refused orders or merchandise returned without authorization are subject to a reprocessing charge of 15%.
  • Credit would be issued within 7 days of receiving approved merchandise back.
  • "Discontinued" items are not eligible for return! Since nobody makes them anymore we cannot exchange them or return back to the manufacturer for a refund.
  • "Used" items are not eligible for return! Remember, these parts are used, old and not in the best of shape. You are buying them at your own risk. If you have questions about exact condition of the used item, contact us before buying.
  • J&M Items are not eligible for return ! Contact J&M directly.

  • Exchange accepted within 7 days of purchase.
  • Contact GoldWing Chrome Inc by email. Send your return request to customerservice@goldwingchrome.com
  • We will send you your return authorization and return instructions by email.
  • When we get the defective merchandise back to us and we verify that it actually is defective, we will send a replacement part.
  • No returns accepted without authorization.
  • For all manufacturer defects discovered after 15 days from purchase date, contact the manufacturer directly. Manufacturer info is provided upon request

If we ship you an item and a factory defect is discovered within 7 days of purchase, or if we ship you the wrong item we reimburse you the freight charges to get it back to us. We reimburse you the return shipping charges by issuing a store credit to be used on your next order. We reimburse for shipping charges only. Since we don't charge handling fees, we don't reimburse for handling fees that a mail house may charge. No shipping charges reimbursed that exceed the amount on the invoice.
But if you get the item and it is what you asked for, but you just decide it isn't what you want, we will still take it back, but you pay all the freight costs to get it back to us. The merchandise has to be returned in the original packaging in original condition. No installed merchandise accepted for return.

Customer is responsible for all freight, duties and customs charges imposed by their respective country. We don't falsify any export documents, send as a gift or send uninsured.
We honor all manufacturers warranties. We will exchange a defective product at no charge, but no freight charges will be reimbursed. Customer pays all shipping charges. Merchandise returned for credit or exchange has to be returned in the original packaging in original condition. No installed merchandise accepted for return.

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